CrossFit Classes

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program used to elicit a broad level of fitness. By constantly varying our programming and utilizing high intensity workouts within different time domains and structures, we are able to optimize physical competency in each of the 10 recognized fitness domains:

▪ Cardiovascular & Respiratory Endurance
▪ Stamina
▪ Strength
▪ Flexibility
▪ Power
▪ Speed
▪ Coordination
▪ Agility
▪ Balance
▪ Accuracy

We believe that the needs of octogenarians and Olympic athletes differ only by degree, not kind. Therefore our workouts are universally scalable in order to promote an effective and comprehensive training program for each of our members regardless of their athletic background, experience, & ability.

CrossFit Kids / Teens

CF Kids combines the elements of the 10 General Physical Skills with additional focus on elements that encourage bone density and vestibular system development to maximize children and teens physical skills during peak development. These elements are designed to keep children engaged, while teaching them safe and proper movement patterns.

Visit the CrossFitKids page

CrossFit Gymnastics

Strict, isometric movements allow the human body to establish those neurological and physical connections. We will explore foundational body positions and progress to more advanced skills like muscle ups. We will also dabble in some gymnastics specific movements and gymnastics heavy WODs. Learn more by clicking here.

CrossFit Endurance

CrossFit Endurance is a training program dedicated to improving fitness, performance, & ability in endurance sports.  Whether you are new to endurance, could benefit from a little extra technique training and fine tuning, or a seasoned enduro-vet, our endurance program is designed to support your needs. View the schedule by clicking here.

Personal Training

Our coaches are happy to work with you on your individual needs.  Please fill out the “contact us” form and one of our coaches will be in touch to learn more about you and how we may help you reach your fitness goals.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition and exercise go hand and hand, working as one to produce the healthiest body one can have.  Neither of which can stand-alone nor allow us to be fit.  Nutrition is the foundation, making up roughly 75% of our health goals.  Join a team of individuals, and a coach fully committed to helping you achieve all of your goals. Visit the Nutrition Coaching page here.