CrossFit Gymnastics

What is CF Gymnastics: Simply put, Crossfit Gymnastics consists of body weight movements ( pull ups, push-ups, handstands etc.).

Why? What do you want to be able to do in 10, 20, 30 years?  Run a Marathon? Live independently? Play with your grandkids?  Paired with Wildland’s GPP classes, this program will drive to maintain and improve your coordination, agility, accuracy, balance, and flexibility.

What to Expect:  We are going back to the basics!  One of the overarching principles of this program is the mastery of strict before dynamic movements.  Strict, isometric movements allow the human body to establish those neurological and physical connections. We will explore foundational body positions and progress to more advanced skills like muscle ups. We will also dabble in some gymnastics specific movements and gymnastics heavy WODs.

When: There are 2 different gymnastics sessions for Summer 2022

  • Wednesday 5-6 AM
  • Thursday 8:15-9:15AM

( Check Wildland’s master schedule for up-to-date Gymnastics class times)

Spots fill up quickly, so please check with Coach Melissa for available spots

Program Rates:
– Free for unlimited members
– $90 Month for non Members

Personal Training: $75 per hour
Small Group Training (Up to 3 people): $75 split between participants

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