Private fundamentals are required to move into Crossfit classes for the sole purpose of keeping each Wildland client safe. During fundamental classes you will learn every functional movement utilized in Crossfit and learn the systems put in place at Wildland. Fundamentals are structured to parallel a typical Crossfit class. A fundamentals’ class always starts with a warm up that is similar to regular class warm ups. You will be taught a series of movements and have time to practice and get comfortable with these movements. Then you will get to do a Crossfit workout, getting a feel of what to expect from the metcons in regular classes.

Step 1: Sign Up / Schedule Fundamentals

Once a membership is established, athlete must complete the appropriate amount of 1:1 sessions with a trainer before entering into a daily CrossFit class. This can range from 3-5 1:1 sessions depending on athlete’s starting point.



Step 2: Attend Daily Classes

The daily classes are led by one of our skilled & certified trainers and consist of the following:

Warm-Up, Skill & technique development, Workout (universally scalable), Mobility, Cool-down

We promote a healthy, safe, & supportive community by working out as a group and holding each other accountable for our individual fitness goals. Our workouts are high intensity & constantly varied to elicit a broad fitness that supports an active lifestyle and empowers each athlete to pursue life’s unique adventures.